Making a Gamble: The Hip-Hop Lifestyle

Hip-hop is all about style. It focuses on the good things in life and pleasure, whether it’s money and fame, living fast and enjoying every moment. A lot of hip-hop is about excitement, money, fame and doing what you want, with the perfect embodiment all of of this being gambling.

Placing bets and playing casino games are all about risk. It’s taking the chance that you will quickly have less than you started with, with nothing to show for it. On the flipside, you could begin with next to nothing and walk away with a huge sum of money. It’s the possibility that makes gambling exciting to play, but for an outsider it can be the huge amounts that are placed on the line.

If you have little money to your name and place it all on one roll of the nice or one hand of cards you are taking a huge, life changing chance. If a multi-millionaire puts down a full million on a bet it’s not as risky but it’s much more of a spectacle. You need to invest for maximum profit for real life casinos, but with a virtual one from Lucky Nugget Casino, the costs are lower and benefits can be returned to the player. This is what makes these real life bets larger. The flippant attitudes and devil may care risks make gambling perfect for the hip-hop megastars, with Jay Z being a prominent example.

Shawn “Jay Z” Carter is one of the most successful musicians it he world. His achievements as an artist combined with his business savvy have allowed him to make huge sums of money throughout his career. Some of his favourite pastimes are blackjack and poker, and with so much money to throw around, he can easily make huge bets. It was reported that he lost $500,000 alone on a single hand, an amount most people will never even see, let alone be able to gamble.

Bryan “Birdman” Williams is the co-founder of Cash money records and one half of Big Tymers, as well as being a solo artist. His fortune can only be matched by his love of gambling and in 2011 he was reported to have lost $2 million on a flutter on Miami Heat winning the NBA Championships, though he would recoup some of this when he won $1 million betting on the Green Bay Packers winning Super Bowl XLV.

Other high profile hip hop artist who’re gambling fans include Young Thug, Nelly and 50 Cent. Young Thug stated his love of of gambling rivals his love of rapping, while 50 Cent was known for winning a $500,000 million bet, while losing $1 million on another. Nelly ‘s love of poker is prolific, as he competed in the 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event and has become a regular on the European Poker Tour circuit.

The hip-hop lifestyle perfectly matches with making bets, so as long as the artists are making millions, you can be sure much of it will be going on gambling.

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