D. Edge & Parker – “iLLuminatd” (Mixtape Review)

I’m in just pure shock right now after listening to this mixtape from front to back!  Extremely refreshing to know there is a talented duo who is making history in the conscious underground Hip Hop game today!  D. Edge & Parker recently dropped their highly conscious and controversial mixtape titled “iLLuminatd”, which includes 12 of the most hard-hitting, powerful and creative tracks that you will hear in 2017!  Parker’s production with D.Edge’s lyrics are a perfect fit when it comes to real original and dope Hip Hop.

They go in!!, on this mixtape, speaking about the current political and life crisis that has consumed the masses, media and social media recently.  These dudes see right through this bullshit propaganda the system is pushing on a daily basis.  The awakening has become with these dudes!  Right on for speaking the truth and letting the Hip Hop fans know that we all still have hope in this fu*ked up world we all live in!  To be honest, this mixtape is somewhat TO POWERFUL to be honest, a little scary a matter a fact.  D.Edge delivers an epic performance on this mixtape for reals!  D.Edge speaks the TRUTH, which is exactly what underground Hip Hop is all about.

Usually I pinpoint a few tracks that I believe are standout tracks.  To be honest, all the tracks on this Mixtape are so profound and influential I cant justify just pointing out one or two tracks.  Really memorable tracks from front to back!  If it was up to me, I will walk up to every single real underground Hip Hop fan and tell them that they must peep out this new mixtape!  Just goes to show how powerful underground Hip Hop is, showcasing talent like this is why we are in business!  As the title defines itself, I am now iLLuminatd!!!

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