LaLo Towers – “Reality is an Illusion” (Video)

How many heads heard of LaLo Towers? Towers is a rapper from Port Arthur, TX who’s hitting the scene to make a name in the Texas game. When I spoke to Towers and asked about his style of music he stated “Different, versatile & original” (LaLo Towers). When asked what era of Hip-Hop he would place himself in he said “Any when given the chance/time” (LaLo Towers). His inspirations come from the 90’s and 00’s Hip-Hop era. His main goal in Hip-Hop is to get exposure and grow from that. Now here’s my take, I really dig his different style of flow and delivery, it reminds me a bit of Master P or C Murder, maybe even Scarface would be another I’d say I hear. Overall I’d say potential, definitely has it but needs to master it. He has a project titled Same Shit Diff Dayz scheduled to release in late February, early March. If you dig LaLo Towers follow his page on Instagram, @lalotowerspsr.

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