Josh Breezzyy – “Mask: Music and Soul Kit” (Album Review)

Josh Breezzyy – “Mask Music and Soul Kit” (Album Review)

Josh Breezzyy releases an amazing new album titled “Mask: Music and Soul Kit“, consisting of 9 tracks that will make you look at 2017 Hip Hop in a whole new perspective.  His music is a great mixture of cutting edge new Hip Hop and old school Hip Hop soul.  Powerful music from front to back is all I have to say about this album if anyone asks me!  His sound is super original, which is extremely important in today’s over-saturation on MC’s.  He speaks about 100% real shit, he doesn’t cut corners, neither raps about shit he does not do!  Not faking anything about his stories.

With songs like “Slave” which is an intense track to more of an upbeat track like”I’m the man” , clearly you can hear his range with changing up moods is effortless.  Underground Hip Hop has been changing recently due to social media and more rappers out there, but clearly Josh Breezzyy has a competitive edge over all these new up and comers.  The production btw on this album is amazing, dope beats are always a must in the game!  Make sure to peep this album today!

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