Q&A With Rising Florida Based Hip Hop Aritst L.I. MARS

Q&A With Rising Florida Based Hip Hop Aritst L.I. MARS

L.I. MARS!!! We really enjoyed working with you this past week!  Our site visitors and fans from all over really got to know you!  Much respect to your craft!  How long have you been making music?  Do you remember where you were and who you were with when you wrote your first line!!..LOL

I started doing music maybe like 4 or 5 years ago but that was just for a hobby it was just fun to me. I started taking music seriously going on 2 years now and ever since then I knew this is what I want to do with my life and go all in with it. I don’t remember who I rapped my first line to but I think the first song I ever wrote was a Story about meeting my younger brother for the first time. We got different mothers he lives in New York and I’m down in Florida but never knew I had a younger brother in the World.

“All or Nothin”

Let me ask you about the Florida Hip Hop scene.  As you know, some people describe “Underground Hip Hop” as lyrical, conscious backpacker Hip Hop.  But people have to understand we all have different influences and our sounds are all different.  With more Hip Hop being available, I believe underground is more universal. Being from Florida, can you tell us about how “Underground Hip Hop” is seen out there?! Your perspective on this.

I wasn’t to familiar with the underground hip hop scene in Florida until I actually started doing music myself. Growing up playing ball was all I wanted to do. But I did

watch my Brother Von aka Ruff and his Crew come up big in the Orlando scene back in the day. Had a group called the “WARHEADZ” I learned a lot from what he did they all was from up north so everything they did and accomplish they earned it, because you know back then the South ain’t really acknowledge the up north sound Vice Versa. I think there is no unity, it’s a ROYAL RUMBLE in the rap game here. EVERY MAN FOR HIS SELF

I already know, that this Hip Hop game is a marathon, not a sprint!  Tell us a few things you practice on to continue your momentum and stay consistent. 

Social Media is the key to staying relevant so I always try to be consistent with posting all my music and keeping the fans up to date with all my plans and upcoming events. Out of Sight out of Mind, if you don’t keep them interested they will forget about you. I’m also always practicing working on my craft and sending reference tracks to close friends and family.

Tell us about the creative process on your latest mixtape “All Or Nothin”.  How long did it take to complete? And who did the cover art?

My boy Lo aka Virginia Ave created the covert art for my mixtape “All or Nothin”.

Can’t really say an exact time frame it took me to create the mixtape i had songs I created years ago that I had to remake and do over and a bunch of songs I created during the making of it. I created a lot of songs late at night early morning round 4am and sometimes I wouldn’t go to sleep at all.

I would used my Voice Memo on my phone if I had a tune in my head just so I can remember it later on and record it. If something catchy pop up in my head I’ll write it down real quick on my notes or a piece of paper if it’s next to me. Some of my best work I created has always been when I’m in the car away from everybody and I can zone out.

Your opinion on the new wave of trash Hip Hop called “MUMBLE RAP”..LOL  Being from Florida, I already know you are surrounded my these fake as frauds that call themselves rappers!!..LOL

This is definitely the Mumble Rap era but at the end of the day this is what the fans like and gravitate to right now. Yes I am from Florida the south always had its own sound I actually like a lot of shit that’s out right now.

It’s like if you don’t make that type of music the chances are slim unless you already established in the game or connected somehow. The Clubs and the radio Stations are only playing catchy Hooks and beats so people tend to follow that format to try to get a record deal. I mean I definitely get it I see what’s going on I never hated on it if that’s how you going to feed your family do your thing. I make club records and love doing songs telling stories.

People love my authenticity they love that raw shit they feel my pain.

What are you Pro’s and Con’s on being an indie Hip Hop artist?

The good thing about being independent

Is you are your own boss and you make whatever moves you need to make without answering to whoever. All sales you make whatever music you decide to sell is all owned by you so all the money you are generating comes directly to you. It’s definitely not easy though you have to build up your own fan base, make people believers, spend a lot of your own money

Basically taking a chance and wishing for the best. Majority of the time being independent also means you will only reach a small market and it’s hard to get out of your own city but if you was signed by a Major record label that machine behind you can do wonders and get you out to the broader markets to be heard all over the world.

Once you are stamped under a successful record label and somewhat a decent artist the chances are greater. Your team will be in place, financially things will be taking care of Videos,Travel, Apparel etc…

Obviously will have to pay these things back but that’s what comes with the game. Have to make Sacrifices.

When will you be dropping an album?  Any new music videos in the works?

Hopefully before the summer my Album will be completed. i don’t have a title for it yet but I’m definitely working on it. Definitely got new videos in the works. I actually can’t wait till y’all see where and what my next video going to be. I’m excited bout it already shit going to be crazy

Our most popular question, your definition of “Underground Hip Hop”

The way I define underground hip hop is simple if you are not with a major record label you are underground. But in some cases you can be underground and be making big noise shaking up the industry getting that same recognition. That’s when the record labels start calling for you.

Your links and Any shout outs?

Like I tell people and all my homeboys there is going to be a time when I’m going to Shoutout everybody that had something to do with me becoming an artist I’m thankful for all that shit and I don’t forget shit people did for me.

But I do want to give credit to my dawg MaineJer who sometimes put more into The L.I. Mars brand then I actually do myself. Every and everything you see from me Selling clothes , selling my mixtapes, all the mainstream hip hop sites with my mixtape being featured on, my fan page on Facebook, my YouTube, Audiomack, Spinrilla, MyMixtapez, and datpiff. Can’t thank him enough 💯💪🏾

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