Nick Dire – “Ignition” (Mixtape Review)

Nick Dire – “Ignition” (Mixtape Review)

Nick Dire is a rising underground Hip Hop artist who just released his latest mixtape titled “Ignition“, which consists of 9 dark Hip Hop tracks.  Death rap is pretty important to me to be honest, being a huge NECRO fan and all, its cool to find out there are true up and comers more than willing to take the Death Rap torch!  This mixtape is not as intense compared to other death rap projects, rather is more melodic and creative, smooth dark Hip Hop with a huge poetic vibe.  Maybe I can say a mix of SADISTIK, CAGE & NECRO to be honest.  I do want to mention that I’m not comparing Nick Dire to any of these artists, but this project definitely has the substance and quality to be next to other legendary death rap projects.  Nick Dire really has a style and delivery of his own, very original music in my book!

This mixtape also give off a huge experimental vibe as well, he is really attempting to truly create a sound absolutely different for 2017 and years to come!  I want to shout out the sick production this album has!  One of my favorite tracks on this album has to be “Black Boots”, really one of the hardest tracks I’ve heard for 2017.  His effortless flow and confidence is what sets Nick Dire apart from the rest.  Overall, I approve this album to all true Hip Hop heads who appreciate new shit!

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