Iko the Rainman (Boca Raton, FL) – Attack of the Rainman

Attack of the Rainman

“Creating a jarring combination of alluring, hauntingly constructed verse with melodic hooks, bass and various sampling from cult classic films and video games, Jack Paraiso has been making music since 2011 under the stage name Iko The Rainman. Honing his sound alongside his invaluable team collectively known as Operation 5:AM which includes producer Eric Miles and engineer Donald Cenatus in South Florida, Iko sees each process through from the beginning phases of writing his music, the creative direction of his videos and all the way to final stages in the editing room.

But what sets him apart is his incorporation of a myriad of interests infrequently found in hip hop: subtle and not-so-subtle allusions to comic books, video games, films and more. Pairing that with influences pulled from juggernauts such as Wu Tang Clan and Eminem, his intricately blended sound crosses uncommon grounds to forge a bond with the diverse subcultures within Generation Y; eclectic, allegoric rhyme supported with traces of brass and percussion instrumentals.  Setting the bar with his first mix tape, dropped Aug., 2012, Basement Musik was followed by experimental EP Attack of the Rainman, an alternative rap/hip hop album dedicated to films of the horror genre released on Halloween in 2013.

With thousands of collective views on Youtube and two more albums on the way — The Midnight Channel that’s geared for a summer release and POAH (Philosophies of a Heartbreaker), with a full on commercial, radio friendly sound — Iko and his team show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.”







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