MobStyle – “Who I Am” ft. Uncle Sicko (Official Video)

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MobStyle is 1/2 Mob Royalle, and 1/2 KriStyle. This duo calls Oregon home. Among their many qualities are intricate instrumentation in original beats, strong lyrical ability and able vocal performances, their gift for connecting with the audience in high energy stage shows, and above all, the message filled content that fuels their music.

Mob Royalle is most often compared to underground rappers such as Immortal Technique and TechN9ne, and old school hip hop acts such as Rakim and Tupac Shakur. KriStyle has been likened to Lauryn Hill, Snow The Product, Jean Grae, and Da Brat. Combined the duo brings a flavor second to none.

As a child, Mob taught himself to play the guitar, the piano, and from books he extracted a working knowledge of music theory. Exploring the spectrum of various types of Rock, Hip hop/Rap, Industrial, Classical and Experimental music from soft to hard, he found his niche with a blend that was right for his sound. In 2006, Mob began to produce multi genre instrumentals with studio software, specifically designed to be enjoyed lyrics-free, with heavy orchestral and choral score influences and driving experimental electronic sounds. Some of this he began to share with the world online under another musical alias, Royal Tea Beatz.

In 2009, he released his first official project as Mob Royalle, entitled Runnin Tha Streetz. He explored the realm of West Coast hip hop, street anthems, introspective message filled songs, and club tracks and also developed his trademark “hip hop movie score” sound.

This was about the time he linked up with KriStyle, the female half of the MobStyle duo, who had been creating poetry for years. KriStyle was born and raised in the Northwest, and settled in Salem, OR about ten years ago. She is a mother of one, college graduate, active in her community, and an avid participant in hip-hop culture.

I have found the perfect way to blend my love for underrepresented people and the arts,” she says. “I have always been passionate about multimedia forms of expression (especially music and writing), and being a voice for the voiceless. Plus, Ive always been poor. I was destined to love hip-hop.

Together, Mob Royalle and KriStyle’s chemistry was undeniable, so they began making music and touring as a duo. MobStyle began gaining rapport at venues throughout cities in Oregon, Washington and California, and building an international fanbase.

MobStyle plans to release their debut E.P. in Summer of 2014 followed shortly by an album scheduled to be out Fall of 2014.

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