THTC Launches New Winter/Spring Collection


THTC, the UK’s most ethical menswear brand according to ‘Ethical Consumer’, enters its 15th year of business this November. With a history of collaborating with some of the world’s best graphic artists, they are proud to present the new, refined collection set for release in November 2014.

The collection signifies the beginning of a new era. THTC has grown up from a grassroots eco-conscious brand with youthful and loud design tones, into a smarter, sleeker, more mature movement.g drop, still retaining that hugely satisfying bass impact.

THTC delivers its message with satire, and bold prints, designed by a global army of notorious street artists, such as Mau Mau, Fybe:One and Herse, Gibla74, and Lowclass.

In pursuit of a goal greater than personal profit they have developed a line with a new series of designs, sitting alongside old favourites; eco-friendly and politically conscious street wear, made from sustainable hemp, carbon-neutral organic cotton, and recycled salvage plastic fibres.

Our planet is in dire need of some TLC – political agendas fuelled by corporate interests wreak havoc on our social fabric while industrial waste and non-biodegradable plastics that make up most of what we consume damage our water and our delicate ecosystems.

15 years ago, THTC Founder, Gav Lawson set out to tell a story. Combining street art, production design, and award-winning business acumen, he cultivated a plan to develop a trend-setting fashion movement with the environment and sustainability at its core.

With the update of their digital presence – a new look website and shop, a new blog and a refreshed design ethos, they look forward to 2015.

To learn more about THTC’s history, the community and lead designers head over to


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