Supreme Cerebral in “Bugzy Nino 2 : The Pen McGriff Story”

Supreme Bugzy
This is the second installment of the Bugzy Nino series in which lyricist Supreme Cerebral presents the world with his alter ego (Bugzy Nino). The First installment Bugzy Nino: Cigar City Mafia dropped 2011 to rave reviews. Hoping for the same success, Supreme Cerebral now 4 years later is dropping Bugzy Nino 2: The Pen McGriff Story. Vowing that this will be his very last FREE download project, Supreme Cerebral doesn’t disappoint fans with this collection of music.

Guest appearances include: Agallah The Don, Definite Mass, Maylay Sage, Noah Jones, Jon Tac, Knowledge one, C.A. & Banish Habitual

Production By: Alchemist, Gramatik, J Dilla, Arrab Musik, Brock Berrigan, Agallah, D. Mar, Nu Vintage, Moderator, Yeezus & Void Pedal

All Cuts on Mixtape performed by: Deejay Daine

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