Everett Gibbons – “Dam(n) the Mainstream” Album (Review)

Everett Gibbons outshines everyone on the indie underground Hip Hop grind with his latest album release titled “Dam(n) the Mainstream“, a very appropriate title to say the least.  This 13 track project has an upbeat positive vibe with tons of substance, good sounds and most importantly consciousness.  His lyrical style, delivery, and cadence are unique and original which allows his music to be separated from the competition.  The beats on this project are exactly what are audience gravitates towards, hard-hitting beats with a lot of soul and feeling.  Let’s point out his song structure ability as well, he really knows how to work that pin & pad.

Overall this album by Everett Gibbons will be remembered as one of the most solid indie albums for 2016 in the Underground Hip Hop community.  Our favorite track on this album is “The Ticket” prod by. Dos Gringos.  This can has a universal feel to it allowing all walks of life to fall in love with his music and movement.  Lets support real Hip Hop and those who create it, Everett Gibbons earned our respect for sure!

……….”Venice” is a powerful song defining the true meaning of “Underground Hip Hop” for 2016 and moving forward………C0-Founder @UGHHBLOG

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