The L.A.M.E. – “For Promotional Use Only Vol. 2” Album (Review)

The L.A.M.E. - For Promotional Use Only Vol. 2 Album (Review)

The L.A.M.E is a Los Angeles Hip Hop collective who has been kicking up dust recently.  Consisting of Skinny.Punk.Princely, PRNSLYATOMS and CAVICALIFORNIA, this group recently released their 2nd album “For Promotional Use Only Vol. 2” which has created a bit of controversy amongst our BLOG fans.   This album has 8 songs that are extremely trap and hardcore with a spice of west coast flavor.  They speak on issues, trials and tribulations of kids all around the world who gave up in life yet find guidence from drugs, partying and not giving the fuck!  Honestly this album isn’t our cup of tea but truly understand The L.A.M.E has an audience that loves music like this.

This collective is young and at least their music some music instead of dong something negative in life.  Their latest video “Super Meth” kicked up some dust cause it looks like they were smoking METH, we are not sure what the purpose of this was but hey at least they got some hits regardless if its positive or negative press.  Overall we can’t say this is the greatest album but for what they represent their sound we feel cater to non-conscious Hip Hop fans worldwide.

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