Third Sight – “IV” (Album)

The long awaited “IV” is Third Sight’s fourth studio album. In addition to the original squad members Roughneck Jihad, Du Funk, and DJ D-Styles (of Invisible Skratch Picklz & Beat Junkies fame), “IV” features a grip of producers and emcees such as Awkward, Barry Bones, Maestro Gamin, Clockwize, Insomniac, and more. 21-tracks deep, “IV” adds to the underground legacy of Third Sight with another quality release consisting of cerebral wordplay over knockin’ beats and scratch hooks.

About hypoetical

hypoetical is a beatmaker, live visual artist, and writer from San Jose, California now on permanent vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii. Member of the Mind Mechanics crew, live visual artist for DocOptic, and Dusted Wax Kingdom alumni. Catch his work here • hypoetical.netDocOptic