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W!SH - The Hourglass Album (Review)

We appreciate the opportunity to be abe to interview a rising Hip Hop MC climbing the ranks in the game. The first question we want to ask, what’s up with the upside exclamation point in your name…LOL. Also, when did you start making Hip Hop?

It started as “Wi.Sh” – which comes from my name (Winston Shaw), but now the exclamation point has come to represent my personality as an artist.

Congrats on the success of your latest album “The Hourglass”. Feel free to break down the creative process of the project. (features, production, etc).

Thank you – it took a lot of hard work. I put out two projects since I started on this album two and ½ years ago! It was that important to tell the story using the right sounds, voices, samples, effects…everything had to fit together like a puzzle. I think you can tell from the verses – especially Free and Freddie, that these are real collaborative efforts that took time. I was humbled by the whole process.

How picky are you are when it comes to beat? Who produced your new album?

I’m extremely selective and critical when it comes to track selection. I like all sorts of styles, from live instruments to old jazz record samples to EDM inspired 808’s and synths…the list goes on. On “The Hourglass,” I worked with engineer Mike Jerz to re-work and co-produce the whole album. We put in countless hours and we hope it shows. But most producers hate me until they hear the finished product. Lol

Planning on releasing any more videos to complement your album?

We did the visual for “Complicated” out in Philly with Freeway right before I moved out here to LA. It’s dope – I play big homie’s chauffer in the video. “Sippin,” “Sassoons,” and “Hourglass” are in the works.

What are your plans on getting your music out of your city and let it circulate throughout the nation?

In all ways possible, plan on being all over LA, all over the internet and I’m counting on my fans to get the word out. The most important thing is that the music speaks for itself; the story speaks to the hypocrisy of the war on drugs, violence and policing in our communities – but it’s not preachy. Just a little somethin’ to think about while you swag out.

Are you looking forward to working with more big names in the industry?

Oh of course. I think only an insecure person is afraid of collaboration and competition. Those two things drive economics and music is no different. If I were in the NBA I’d want to play with the best and beat the best. Iron sharpens iron.

We have to ask since we are @UGHHBLOG! What’s your definition of “underground hip hop”?

This is underground hip hop. Dope, authentic content directly from the source, the streets, whatever. Not from the top down but from the “Ground Up” – like the homies from Philly.

Drop all the vital links where fans can find your music.

The Hourglass:


Classic Ta$te:

Twitter/IG/FB: @thenameisWISH

Lastly, and shout out?

My brother from another Ayo, Ray Rizz my ace from San Diego who helped with arrangement and vocals and rest in peace to Afeni Shakur, and of course my momma!

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