Q&A With Rising Canadian Artist Maniks

Q&A With Rising Canadian Artist Maniks

Underground Canadian Hip Hop can’t get any better!  Whats up Maniks.  We are so happy get to know you and your dope music.  We were actually stunned finding out that we have never heard of you before.  How long have you been making Hip Hop.  Also has you music transformed the way Canadian underground Hip Hop now is being viewed. 

I have been Rapping a little over a year and try to mix trap, hip hop and rnb in my music so the critics can be put to rest a bit. I keep an open mind when it comes to music which is my most dangerous asset as a composer.

Who influenced you when you were barely getting started as an artist.  Any Canadian influences?

For sure Madchild was the first Canadian artist to go “viral” which definitely got me goin. I mess with the new talents like Drake and The Weekend I think are doing a tremendous job putting Canada on the map even though they may not be considered “ underground “. But growing up I definitely loved all the classics and as a young man I got into Necro and IllBill, Coka Nostra.

And in my late 20s I got into trap music a lot which I considered to be the next level of music for being an artist. French Montana and Rick Ross probably being my biggest role models. Also love Cap 1 and many of the new trap artists but still love that oldschool flow as well !

Feel free to breakdown the creative process of your latest mixtape “A Life Of Crime”.  BTW..We really enjoyed the mixtape.  It’s a true BANGER!

A Life of Crime is my first mixtape alongside my full length album “ Maniks – Unleashed “.

It’s a play on words from my hardcore punk band back in the day called Crimes. I incorporated a little bit of my past life and present life to fuse a hardcore style mixtape hence “ A Life of Crime”.

I try to keep it raw and truthful without spilling over the edges. I am very proud of this tape since it showcases my newer talents and gives a bit of an adrenaline rush to the listener which is what I was going for.

How you describe your music when it comes to a specific genre of Hip Hop?  Is it Horrorcore, Hard Core, Death Rap, Gangsta Rap…Im sure you know what we mean.

I would say its just Gangster Rap to be honest even though that’s not the message im going for. I think people should stand up for themselves and in a world of intimidation and corruption that could be considered Gangster.

How many music videos do you guys have under your belt as a solo artist?

I have a bunch of videos “ Maniks – You Know me Well “ is the one that’s caught a bit of attention.

Have you ever touched down in Los Angeles?  The BLOG is based out here in LA.

I would love to come visit you guys in Los Angeles but the law says otherwise till 2020 I believe.

How often do you perform LIVE.  Also have you ever toured or planning on touring any time

I setup two cross Canadian tours when I was in a band and they both failed. I have toured a bit but it is my life long dream to tour the world. I will probably tour bit by bit soon enough. Lets see if it happens !

Here it is! Our most popular question! What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

My definition of underground hip hop is I have no definition. No matter how hardcore something is the second it is popular it is no longer underground. So at the end of the day create what you wanna create and it doesn’t really matter if its underground or not. There is no artist in the world I believe who wants to stay underground forever. I have been there long enough and unless you have your own well to tap from the one that’s already there is dry to the bone.

Keep it real and the underground will always respect you no matter where you stand in this lifegame.

Where can people find you on the web?  Drop all the vital links.

Insta : Maniksoffical
Facebook : Maniks

Any shout outs!

Definitely wanna thank my team at MakeWay Studios, My Friends, Family and of course my Fans.

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