Spoony B – “Promblematic EP” (Album Review)

Spoony B upcoming artist from Philadelphia, PA drops his new EP “Problematic” produced by Coldmize. “Problematic” is a mixture of west coast sounds and east coast flows. Spoony B new artist on the scene is looking for his voice in todays generation. His rhymes leave a comedic impression as he mocks the industry. The song “Sell My Soul” is a comedic story about how artist are enticed by the devil to sign contracts and evil presences elevating the music career.

The album is a warning for Philly emcess  Spoony B is ready to assume his position in HIP-HOP. Philly native delivers album that reminds me of an old school Eminiem. My favorite song on the tape is “Hoover Board” it’s smooth sounds give it single notoriety and power to help visualize the story and have fun at the same time. The sonic sound of the album is a moderately high tempo head knocker. “Don’t love you hos” is also a single worth notoriety that reminds me of a Nate Dogg track, this can go very far with a great video.

The delivery of this album is good rating of 7.0 Spoony B is coming into his own I look forward to new tracks and watching the evolution. The concept of the album was meant to be an introduction to new artist 7.0. The patterns and rhyme schemes were good but the hooks were even better 7.o. Follow Spoony B on instagram @Spoonybmusic.

Delivery: 7.0

Concept: 6.5

Rhyme Schemes:7.0

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