WI-FI – “Legend Of The Soul Gems” (Album Review)

WI-FI - Legend Of The Soul Gems (Album)

Possibly one of the most well-rounded MC’s in the underground Hip Hop game for the year of 2017!  Young upcoming MC WI-FI releases his latest full-length album titled “Legend Of The Soul Gams” accompanied by beats from Anno Domini Nation, one the best beat production collectives in the world!  From front to back, WI-FI delivers deep potent lyrics, powerful storytelling, raw underground substance, consciousness and knowledge.  And let me tell you guys, everything I stated is 100% true.  To be honest, I am trying  to figure out if he goes by WI-FI or SpideR-$tyleZ, regardless on what he goes by, he really delivers on some epic shit!!

Lets go over a few of these songs!  “Divine Intervention” is a track I had to mention first!  When I ran into this track I was instantly stuck on it!  I had to play it 4-5 times to really absorb his powerful story-telling and substance, definitely a track I was able to relate to!  Another dope banger was “Willful Ignorance” which is his first track on this album!  His range on this track is really impressive, speaking one only facts about the state of Hip Hop today!  I love is SWAY reference line as well!!  Finally the one song I have to give WI-FI (SpideR-$tyleZ) 100% props for is “Waterloo” which I believe is his anthem track! Simply amazing track right here!  Extremely motivational track to be honest.  As a blogger, our site recently crashed and honestly “Waterloo” was one of the tracks on my daily playlist that helped me get though my day as i was dealing with major back-end site problems!!  I don’t want to leave out “Soul Gems”!! Another dope banger right here!

Having Anno Domini Nation contribute to all the production on this album was possibly WI-FI’s best decision he has ever made!  His rhyme scheme, sound and delivery fits hand in hand with the ADN beats!  We always appreciate quality Hip Hop, especially when we have never of the MC before!  This is what @UGHHBLOG is all about, exposing raw and fresh underground Hip Hop to the masses!  Make sure to support fresh Hip Hop and peep this album today!

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  • Adrian Boeckeler

    Great review, congrats WI-FI! Glad to have you rock our team’s beats.

    • SP Hatfield

      Thanx for all you’ve done for me, greatly appreciated.


  • WI-FI

    Thank you! It’s a great honor to be featured on your website.

  • Ronald Harris

    Dope album. Very insightful and revealing. Love the metaphors. Great to know true rap isn’t over! Peace