Q&A With Legendary Underground Hip Hop Group BLAHZAY BLAHZAY

Q&A With Legendary Underground Hip Hop Group BLAHZAY BLAHZAY

Much respect goes out to Tuff Kong Records for bringing back much needed real Hip Hop into this extremely over-saturated online Hip Hop world we live in! Give us a brief background about how BLAHZAY BLAHZAY ended up linking up with this record label for the reissue, where is the label from, who are the key players involved in the label & what are you guys aiming for in this reissue for BLAH BLAH BLAH.

(PF Cuttin) – Basically they reached out to me on IG , asked if we were interested in doing a reissue, did a little research on the label Tuff Kong, I found out real quick that they were here to help Hiphop and not hurt it, spoke to them over Skype and also we met with them in NY, they seem like real dudes about there business, so we agreed on a deal, that was that.

(BLAHZAY MARTALL) First I would like to say thanks for interview at UGHH this is officially the first interview to launch our new project and I think you guys are very gracious for giving us the opportunity.

(TKR) Tuff Kong records is an independent label out of Rome, Italy. As big fans of mid 90s hip-hop, we believe “Blah Blah Blah” is an album you can’t forget to mention when talking about that era. Together with Blahz Martell and PF Cuttin we decided it was time to bring this classic album back on vinyl, twenty-one years after its release. After reaching out to them over the internet, making Skype calls and finding an agreement, had the chance to meet them in NYC to solidify the deal and we’re looking forward to release this in a few weeks!

Clearly Tuff Kong Records knows their Hip Hop from front to back! Especially if their fans of your music MC Outloud and DJ P.F. Cuttin! Back in those days, social media was not around along with cell phones, pretty much people were influenced by word of mouth, mainstream radio and the idiot box everyone has at home! Give us your take on how the music industry has changed throughout the years! We would love to hear MC Outloud’s PRO’s & CON’s about the changes!

(BM) I think Hiphop is a living organism that went on a course and on road shaking loose many artist and business people that wasn’t healthy for the survival of hiphop .. The Internet and the digital era was the catalyst for this happen .. Many artist followed the lifestyle movement that was made available threw YouTube and becoming a more eye catcher for likes and views and had no regard or respect for the culture of hiphop hence YOUTUBE artist. An YouTube artist was the biggest thing in hiphop that made a trend for greedy record labels to follow .. a lot of great studios ended closing down and artist started mixing there music on computer monitors just so they can upload it to YouTube creating overnight success but also creating hiphop with no knock inside the music and hiphop needs to knock .. Developing a huge void thats needed to be filled that only vinyl can do and artist that’s vinyl worthy can do . An I feel that’s what me an Pf do best make music for vinyl first

May we ask if this is a glimpse of the group really coming back together to make history again!? Any new projects in the works?

(PF) Blahzay has a solo project with features and various producer but mixed by me , its called BLAHZAY MARTELL , we also have a BLAH BLAH 2 in the works, along with that I have various projects im working on such as an album with Legendary O.C. that will drop later this year, Masta Killa’s album which I produced 4 joints and recorded most of it in my studio, that will be out soon on Nature Sounds, Me and Labba have a new project dropping, and the artist called Truth, his sophomore album, also a few instrumental albums as well. Staying busy.

(BM) Hellz yeah we have new project in the works . We also been creating a new brand BLAHZAY MARTELL me along with Dj PFCUTTIN Dj PF CUTTIN doing the amazing work of mixing the songs keeping the new music we create with new producers in the BLAHZAY BLAHZAY knocking tradition but at the same time expanding the BLAHZAY BLAHZAY imprint..

This BLAHZAY MARTELL project should becoming this summer right before a new BLAHZAY BLAHZAY album. appreciates real Hip Hop 100% of the time! Ant trust me when I say 90% of today’s new Hip Hop is TRASH!! I run into plenty of well-established artists who have never thought almost 2 decades later, their music would be just as impactful as it is today compared to the original release date. Lets be real, your guys music will be always considered TIMELESS in our books, who do you guys fell about this, being known as “Hip Hop Legends”, “Major Hip Hop influences”. Give us your take on this?

(PF) Im flatter to hear that, and humbled by it.,honestly im glad to be alive and still relevant in 2017.

(BM) What I’m proud of mostly more then the legend thing and still having relevant music thing is the fact how our label back in the 90s tried to make us convert to this new kind of hiphop you hear today and we walk away. Totally walked from the deal leaving million of dollars on the table .. People never hear those unsaid stories and think we was dropped by the label and never know it was our integrity for hiphop that made us walk away from a major situation..That’s why you have Dj Pf putting out mix tapes and hosting hot radio shows for years without proper recognition or money an doing it at a hight level an loving it . Or me involved in a big movement to bring hiphop to Thailand for over 15 years making hit songs with groups in Thai .. The quality we put into the music when no one looking is what I’m most proud of most

What is your guys definition of “Underground Hip Hop”!!

(PF) I hate that term, but thats the Hip hop, I grew up on, I make and love. Good ol Boom Bap As Sean P would say, Shoulder missile nap sack rap.

(BM) My definition of underground hiphop coming from east new York is ” No paperwork ” not for everybody’s . Hard has no dividing lines you out in the west coast was able to love this BLAH. BLAH BLAH album and it was considered a east coast album. I think with the right home team BLAHZAY BLAHZAY IS the best underground HIPHOP group in the world

Tell us Your opinion on the new wave of Hip Hop called “MUMBLE RAP”..LOL

(PF) Dont understand a word they saying on 90% of those songs, it is what it is, to be honest if your a dj and want to mk $ in these clubs, bar lounges in NY , you better have a good trap set ready.

(BM) Mumble rap is not hiphop it’s mumble rap . GoGo was big into rap game at one time but it still wasn’t hiphop . I like GoGo when I’m in Washington DC inside of the clubs .I like mumble rap when I’m in at certain part of the south and being apart of its culture . Mumble rap is like hiphop cousin .. related like GoGo but not hiphop

Rappers nowadays think by throwing up a few videos up on social media and pushing quick projects, they can blow up overnight! Give us your view on how over saturated the market is right now with so many MC’s/Producers but not to many quality music.

(PF) Its insane, me being a dj producer of hiphop internet radio show called EastNYRADIO, I have to sit and listen to alot of trash, just to pull out 30 songs to play in 2hrs but theres also lots of good hiphop out there, you just have to dig for it.

(BM) I think it’s cool what other artist do as long as they don’t hurt nobody .. That’s what makes UGHH hiphop holy grail because it separates real artist an people thats been doing hiphop seriously for years from all the noise out there and I big up you guys .. UGHH Is what the new wave of hiphop got right

Please let our fans where they can kind BLAHZAY BLAHZAY social media?

PF- you can find me on , and or my website

Blahzay is on and

Tuff Kong Records is at /

Any shout outs?

BLAHZAYBLAHZAY- Shout out all our fans who continue show us love and support. THank you

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