Count Slick – “The Show” (LP Review)

Virginia based MC, Count Slick recently released his first LP, “The Show” on  Spotify and here’s my thoughts. Count Slick released this full 18 track LP in mid-March. I have listened to this LP twice and I have to say it is a solid LP with a nice, 90’s Boom-Bap. Let’s break down this LP by the books and inform you on if it’s worth the listen

Right off the bat I think this LP should get some prop for it’s production. It has a nice Boom-Bap sound while also having a smooth laid back side to it, it’s like that secret track on your favorite CD you never knew of and once finding out about its existence you are sucked into a trance and you play it over and over again. A stand out track to me is “Animals”, it reminded me a lot of Earl Sweatshirt’s 2013 LP, ‘”Doris.” This whole project is very reminiscent of the Odd Future WOLF Gang’s sound, it has a charm to it that with the blend of 90’s inspired Boom Bap with a pinch of weirdness, this project definitely has some flavor. Now that is just a single track, most of the production on this LP gives off a 90’s meets 2010 vibe which I totally dig, it’s a nice music cocktail that brings out a very good sound that has you asking for another track. Now lyrically the album is solid, it has flaws but many of the songs tell a story of some sort. Now the LP does have some songs that showoff Count’s wordplay more than anything “Weird” shows him in a more off the dome kinda state of mind where words are flying at you and they stick to your face like fresh shit to the bottom of your shoe.

Now some negatives. I felt a bit disappointed by one song in particular, “Darkness” which acted as a breather track to break up the multiple songs which is understand but I was hoping for a deep, dark song with that sorta name. After that some of the songs do have some weird beats but I personally could look past that, that’s more a note for those who don’t know of Odd Future WOLF Gang and or like them, it may throw you off to not like this project. But really this LP is very solid, one you can listen to on a Friday night gaming or partying, it’s a vibe out album that deserves a listen and I hope to see be brought up by many for underground LP of the year.

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