Justin and the Honored None – “Wanderlust” (Album Review)

Sacramento’s HIP-HOP scene debuts a classic tape as producer Jackson Nakanishi and Emcees Justin & The Honored None releases “Wanderlust”, smooth refreshing HIP-HOP vibes you can play on repeat. The Emcess exhibit the “Super Hero Flow” retro melodies with day to day concepts. Wanderlust can spark the minds of HIP-HOP enthusiast as it reminds me of a new age “Gang Starr”. The laid back tempo introduces mellow tone vibrations. The intro starts with the listener anticipating a story and sure enough their combination delivers. “Groove Theory” creates a visual right off back.

The unique voice and comfortable approach mixed with the instruments are perfect for each other. The intelligent subject matter keeps you in tuned with the album.
“Tumble Weeds” brings abstract rhyme schemes to the surface, as the emcees capture their childhood and wrapped it inside of an animation. I can visualize a Sandlot type story in progress, very innovative. My favorite track was “The Love” it reminded me of why HIP-HOP is so beautiful; it’s the care free loving vibe with political insight. Then I realized I spoke too soon when I heard “Dragon Fly”, the intense atmosphere Jackson created set up the classic cut for the Emcees to amplify the production, great mixture. Sac Town has birthed their new era.

“Wanderlust” is a great album for HIP-HOP lovers all over the world, it creates a nostalgic vibe to set listeners up for magic. The delivery is right on point, I love the smooth approach 9.0. The concept is heavy and melodic 9.0. Salute to the New school of thought. Stream “Wanderlust” here and Follow producer Jackson Nakanishi

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