Glass Bottom Boat – “Definitive: A Year In The Nebula – Spring” (Album Review)

Glass Bottom Boat is a group from Orange County, California, the duo consisting of Tone Dogg Raw and Cal-S-thetics releases “Definitive: A Year In The Nebula” a beautifully structured album taking the listener on a smooth ride all the way through. The masterful approach taken by the duo consists of a retro melodic rap, the veterans were able to deliver a lyrically progressive album after a 12 year absence. This album was made to sonically please the ear. The concept alone provokes thought with a genius touch as it is filled with substance and knowledge, sure to be embraced by the HIP-HOP enthusiasts who love the essence of the culture.

“City Beat” produced by Cal-S-Thetics popped out immediately, I loved the originality of the rhyme structure, very organic and abstract. The storyline keeps you right on their frequency as the emcess take you on a stroll in their neighborhoods, connecting the listener to what goes on daily. The production of EQ beats in “Packing” speaks to you directly, the duo & the production melt together very well. “Packing” is aimed at political and spiritual freedom, Glass Boat puts together a track giving a voice to the indigenous finally saying what should be said.

“For The Fam” comes in beautifully produced by Sumthin Gunny. The soul sounds set you up for the duo to create a visual of family and friends during holidays and social gatherings. The atmosphere was completely changed by this song which makes for a dynamic album on many levels, the skit at the end pulls it all together. “Story Of My Life” produced by Pos-tone begins with a sample of old school vibes. This song was magical and keeps the listener anticipating the next line, the flow is slow but works with this album.

“Dirt”  produced by EQ Beats is another original track that was able to transcend because of it’s fun-loving vibe. The righteous sound of “Merci”  produced by Jeepz was very refreshing, levels of substance deepens every song. “Universal Expansion” sounds just as the title reads, its spacey sounds will take you deep in the cosmos. Duke Westlake reached deep inside on this one as the soul sample serves as the perfect outro for the album, “Universal Expansion you got the world in your hands”. For more music and updates follow Glass Bottom Boat on twitter and instagram.

Rating 8.0

Highlights: Lyrical substance & Production

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