Kayer – “Permanent Knock” (Album Review)

Bay Area based underground Hip Hop veteran Kayer drops an impressive album titled “Permanent Knock”, hitting it hard with that new era boom bap sound!  This 10 track project definitely pays tribute the the 4 elements of Hip Hop, graffiti , break dancing, MCn & DJn instantly making you appreciate Kayer’s passion for real Hip Hop.  His style is pretty solid, he stays consistent throughout this album, really setting himself apart and being as original as possible!  We recently discovered him, so I am really glad I bumped to this Bay Area representative for sure!

Topping it off with some legendary features from underground Hip Hop heavyweights such as Myka 9 (Freestyle Fellowship), Spoon of Iodine, 2Mex (The Visionaries) and Maleko.  And productions and scratches by ITF Champion Vinroc, DJ Icewater, Deeskee, 8:35, Ian Mckee and DJ Fossil. “Permanent Knock” ft. 2Mex, Maleko & DJ Vinrochas has to be my favorite track since I’m a huge 2Mex fan, along with the follow up track “Redwood Hideout” (feat. DJ Fossil)(Prod. by Ian Mckee) as he speaks on the Bay Area lifestyle!  The fans are the ultimate judge, so that being said, make sure to give it a listen and support real 2017 underground Hip Hop!

“Stolen Vote” (Prod. by 8:35)…..WOW, he really speaks some TRUTH on this track!!  




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