Po -“Moving Forward” (Album Review)

Boise Idaho artist Po releases his new album titled “Moving Forward. Idaho has a lot to look forward to as Po conscious vibe seems to strengthen as the album goes on. In coming years I can see this guy tearing up the airwaves, Po has a knack for creating good music as he develops he will be a force to reckon with. The album “Moving Forward” is mixed with different sounds creating a unique compilation.

It begins with “Before I Go Viral” trap influenced beat serves as the introduction, high energy atmosphere starts with an explosion. Po uses this song to showcase his punchlines and poise. “Dark Romance” is a story of Po encountering the Devil and begins with a dialogue asking him to sell his soul, it then takes a turn as he remembers his code of ethics. The young artist shows his duality as he contradicts his own morality but defining his human destiny to learn about himself. The hook to this track makes it a beautiful cut the concept tops it off and makes it classic worthy.

“Trust The Process” is a reflection track, you can hear the emotion Po emits on this record, hype flow trap style with a boom bap touch keeping the rhythm of the compilation flowing. The movie recording gives it insightful touch and moves the album into new levels. “Soul Mates To Strangers” is a deep story about love into ashes. Common reoccurring theme most lovers have to face in the act of love often have to lose it to appreciate the complex emotion. The production behind it is magic carrying the track through the end as Po lets out his emotions and let it all out as he narrates the story of letting go.

The album continues with “Sickness & Health” another emotional track that talks about worldly and spiritual problems, The politics in this cut show a wider perception not only in his music but also his mindset. Most artists aren’t able to identify their own feelings and emotions which can overall be a train wreck. “Run Run Run” is a story of a man who dropped his wallet as Po picks it up and attempts to take it back to him, the man jumps from the top floor and running away from his world problems to have to face them on other terms. Po story telling ability is show cased throughout this album as every song has some type of story line induced. “Grind It’ featuring Cam Meekins Begins with in explosions as it shows another side of him, the fun loving artist who can switch up the vibe on demand. This song is also inspiring as the words are carefully chosen giving listeners a sense of encouragement.

The Album Continues with “Life Goes On” featuring Led, The song is by far my favorite on the album because of the realness inside of the lyrics the melodic hook just adds to the cake, I can see this as a cross between Country & HIP HOP very unique and Original. Po begins to show the totality of this tape as it goes along. “Product Of Our Environment” is a raw sounding track that not only demands attention but respect. Sci Fi temperature as the production leaves an eerie feeling, the substance in the song calling out rappers vs emcees for the lack of lyricism in 2017. The re arranging of classic sample desperado to create an HIP-HOP replica and add a nostalgic feel to this album, The song was named after the original sample and concept.

“I do it For You” is a touching story of struggle Po mentions his family as he paints a picture of the love he has for his counterparts. He touches on his father’s retirement problems and a young boy who has to take incline shots which can be chaotic as a kid when they don’t fully inner-stand why they have to do that oppose to other kids. The album concludes with the album title track “Moving Forward” this song shows the transition of Po’s mental state, as he was able to see growth and grow with him as the album draws to an end. I recommend this piece to HIP-HOP fans & country fanatics, it’s a Melo ride moving forward. Follow Po on social media for updates news & new music, Follow Po on FaceBook
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Rating: 8/10

Highlights: Smooth Hooks & Uniqueness

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