Phil The Prodigal x Teddy Stax x Malik – “File 48” (Mixtape Review)

Chicago-based producer Phil The Prodigal links with two fellow Chicago up-and-coming recording artists Teddy Stax, and Malik, to come together to showcase their talents as a collective with the release of their catchy new concept project interestingly-titled, “File 48“.

An 11-track mixtape that places the three artists under surveillance in a person-of-interest case. With three interludes throughout the tape allowing each artist the opportunity to convincingly shine, giving listeners the chance to decide if they will be #TeamPhilTheProdigal, #TeamTeddyStax, or #TeamMalik by the end of the mixtape.

The mixtape plays it safe from every aspect, the rhymes of Teddy Stax and Malik never go out-of-bounds while Phil only scratches the surface of his potential. The mixtape appears to give people what they want to hear, rather more than something new. While the concept of the mixtape appears to be digging into the individual acts characters, it’s difficult to discover any unique personality from either the production or lyrics.

For instance, “Mambo”, “High Demand”, and “Talkin Loud”. Squandering their opportunity to impress, the duo of rhymers recite the norm of drugs, money, and more hoes. Nothing distinctive, nothing deep, and nothing that tells listeners about the pride of where they are from. While the production is catchy, it sticks to a familiar formula that also doesn’t give listeners a taste of that Chicago sound. Similar to a case, everything delivers a similar motive of commitment.

While their lyrical appeal is trendy in today’s music, it comes off as unauthentic as it also appears to follow the same “go-to” sing-a-long auto tuned imitated hit making formula heard 24-hours a day on the radio.

Listening to songs like “Swerve”, “Green Dream”, and “Searching” and able to gimmick several chart-topping hit songs simultaneously. Boxing the trio into unwanted understudies of today’s biggest Hip-Hop acts.

Hear complete mixtape below.

While the project does carry an intriguing concept, the complete body of work is mediocre amongst the trio at best. Phil The Prodigal does show the most promise among the three and is often seen carrying the project. However, his skills aren’t surpassing his co-stars by lengths and bounds at all. The project leaves listeners with more questions than answers from every aspect of execution.

The production throughout the project is impressive and maintains the balance throughout their efforts. An experience that all three artists can learn a positive lesson from moving forward with both their solo and group efforts to the top.

Until their next release, consume ‘File 48’ at your own discretion.

Rating: 7/10

Highlights: Concept

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