Carl Flystone – “Studio 7B” (Mixtape Review)


New Idaho artist Carlflystone drops his debut mixtape titled “Studio 7B”. At 1st glance, looking at the cover I instantly thought of Logic. When the music starts to play I also hear Logic within Carlflystone, the introduction begins with poetry in spoken word format. I was not impressed as the dry wordplay couldn’t make an impact because the emotion behind it was not believable but high in lyrical substance. The 2nd song “Disposition” produced by Tork Equity caught me by surprise as it’s potential for an engaging video could be in place. My favorite parts of this cut were the dynamic wordplay, it can easily be the best song on this mixtape.The dramatic overtones add depth and keep the listener hanging on to every word. As the tape continues we run into “How I Metaphor” produced by Noise System, which conceptually can be masterful but I believe Carlflystone was not ready for this stage lyrically, as the concept carries it over and we can see what it could have been.

“Return with Permission” produced by Godlvlm$c comes with the same energy and flow scheme as the last, it starts to become repetitive and this time the concept is not strong enough to carry the song through. “Golden Anchors” is 1:22 seconds of spit, I really liked this freestyle it was almost like a cutscene break in the album, Flystone brought it to new heights with this track. “Treat Her Right” produced by Baccyard has a sound that makes you reminisce about Lupe Fiasco’s old work.This track opens up a new angle and sentimental vibe for the ladies to grab onto. The mixtape continues with “The Only Medicine is Love” produced by Haaru. The production is flawless and Flystone comes in with a classic JoeyBada$$ introduction and a magical vocalist to top it off, it could have been better scheme wise but overall good song.

“This Life I Live” produced by BluntedBeats, comes back in with the same rhyme scheme. Next project I expect Carlflystone to be more versatile in the delivery of the content and album. “Level of Flow”  produced by Yung Slipper has a nice flow to it, I like this one cause it’s effortless and carefree. Follow Carlflystone on FB & IG for music updates and news.

Rating 6.0

Highlights: Disposition

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