Spec Kay – “XXVII: Nowhere” (Album Review)

Hailing from New Jersey, Spec Kay delivers the main course after an appetizing single, “No Hooks” released last month in the full-length album, titled, XXVII: Nowhere. Spec refers to this new album as a rollercoaster and expresses the frustration, ambition, and life-lessons that went into the making of this new album.

The latest album is 12-tracks of beneficial therapy. Nowhere talks about all of the situations the East Coast went through both personally and creatively. Speaking on his neighborhood crew, current social issues like injustice, and finding a way to make it to the next level. Spec Kay’s pain, anger, and rage, an admired exhibit of talent that many fans will be fond of by the end of the album.

Listen to XXVII: Nowhere courtesy of Spotify.

Things stand still from time to time on the album as Spec goes off on a belligerent rant of several tracks like “King”. Listeners will find it difficult to follow the lines with his unclear metaphors and endless bars like on “Tonight”. But among the unknown, Spec Kay does create some catchy phrases that make the album memorable.

Spec Kay rises to the occasion on his latest effort. The album takes old fans in a direction while giving new fans a retcon to begin with and become fully aware of what we can expect moving forward. There is also a mystic to the album through its content and concepts that many aren’t use too. Flaws aside, it’s enjoyable from beginning to end.

Rating: 8/10

Highlight: Production

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