AntLive – “Boss Mentality” (Mixtape Review)

New York’s AntLive is ready to boss up on the competition with the release of his new eight-track project titled, “Boss Mentality“. Known for speaking that money talk of past efforts, AntLive is ready to show fans that its more to the Big Apple then what you see on reality television.

Residing from Brooklyn, its only natural that upon the play that it is easily recognized that AntLive comes with a slick hustler-talk style. Showing his age with his content like on the track “Figure Me Out”, Live recites a gritty flow that is very convincing as he reference signature street antics like buck 50, work in the crook, and the hustlers exquisite automobiles. Moving words like the 80s, AntLive presence power in his words as he comes off firm, well-spoken, and intellectual.

“Bars Like Dat” is old school East Coast slang. AntLive identifies what is fresh and what is lame like pill poppers and skinny jeans. Demanding respect with hard-hitting bars, the aggressive track is impressionable as the skill is elite status. Murdering the production like it’s Friday the 13th, AntLive word is certified after listening to the track, “Legendary”.

Stumbling on “100”, Ant attempts love story-telling; however, the vibe is forced and unapproachable for the street act. Admire his attempt at heart-felt honesty but his sweet talk could use some work.

Hear the complete mixtape below, courtesy of Datpiff.

While the features on the project are quickly forgettable. The production on the project is a natural feel for the artist’s arsenal. The big bass driven production doesn’t carry any live instrumental

AntLive can’t leave the streets but his harsh reality is fantastic energy for a productive day of money making no matter if you are the fry cook or a Corporate CEO of a fortune 500. Fearless, the Brooklyn-native intriguing with every street line that touches the mic. His mentality inspires you to get up and get that money. Mission accomplished.

Rating: 7/10

Highlight: Production

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