DMV Darryl – “The Dire Straits of America” (Mixtape Review)

America is at an all-time high right now in tension on various fronts. Everyone is looking for an answer, solution, or leader to point us in the right direction. With political leaders more apart of the problem than amending rights to defeat the injustice, we must look to individuals like DMV recording artist DMV Darryl to use their voice to change the tide.

On ‘The Dire Straits of America’ DMV Darryl looks to deliver a motivational message to the minorities. A Politically charged 10-track history lesson that speaks on government driven on financial gain and not about the citizen enrichment. Coding the subliminal message that is feed to citizens every day on the nightly news. Woke, Darryl uses his opportunity to opinionated voice his knowledge of conspiracies, racism, and how we can overcome as a people.

Soulful production, Darryl speaks on America’s injustice as the oldies samples melody his message. Darrly’s wake-up call is impactfully loudest on the tracks “Land of the Flee”, “The Planation”, and “Liberation”. Often referring to former presidents and wives Ronald Regan and Bill and Hilary Clinton as the real villains, critiquing their past actions in Black America.

Darryl is unbiased on the mixtape, educating listeners on the new double standards involving sexuality, belief, etc. Unafraid, Darryl speaks on the acceptance of homosexuality (“Healing of Mind”) and the backlash of being unacceptable about it rather you express you opinion or not. Great to see an artist unapologetic about people accepting Caitlyn Jenner but ignoring military vets with PTSD after serving this country. “Sippin on Some Aqua”, Darry turn the head of racism on all races and its intensively thought-provoking.

Listen to ‘The Dire Straits of America’, courtesy of SoundCloud.

Does DMV Darryl provide a solution to the problem? On “Devil’s Poison”, Darryl dishes on how drugs enter the community and believes his answer to the problems is new appointed people of color into the government. Ending the physical and mental torture that has been instilled on minorities since slavery.

The message is there, but Darryl’s dry vocals will often distort the message for the listeners. Word behind the voice is fearless, it’s his freedom to speak his mind that is fascinating and acceptable of his commands instructed throughout the mixtape. Through his education, “The Dire Straits of America” is a must listen to and be aware of what is going on in today’s society from a peer that gives you the underline that we watch on the news every night.

Rating: 8/10

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