Y.G.K. – “State Of Mind” (Mixtape Review)

Known as a poet, 23-year-old Cleveland, Ohio hopeful Y.G.K. has developed a wave for himself that has peaked mainstream interest. Teaming up with well-known producers Soledad Brother, following up his 2015 effort titled, ‘Long Overdue’, Y.G.K. unveils his new project, “State Of Mind“.

‘State of Mind’ is a joint effort between recording artist Y.G.K. and production team Soledad Brother. Brother handling the entire project production while Y.G.K. supplies the stylistic flow on the 14-track body of work.

Bullet points of ‘State of Mind’,

Listen to ‘State of Mind’ Below.

Formulate partnership, an incredible chemistry, and phenomenal outcome, Y.G.K. is ready to play in the major leagues with this new project. It fluctuates smoothly from beginning to end, transition gradually both production and lyrical wise. Delivering an essence that is therapeutic behind every song. A fine tune developed blend of trust between every great producer and artist.

Rating: 8/10

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