Rose Dupree – “ConsciousTrap” Vol 1: Streetlight (Album Review)


Texas originated artist Rose Dupree drops a bouncy installment of “ConsciousTrap” Vol 1: Streetlight. From the beginning, I was interested to see the correlations and concepts created from the compelling name of the saga series. The 1st song of the album was titled “Roll In Peace (Slang in Peace)” which set the atmosphere and tempo for the outlook of the album. The production of the record was right on point, fluidly floating around in a comfortable sonic level that Rose Dupree seems to be quite familiar with. The content behind the production was going inside the mindset of a trap star.

“4 The Cheap” painted a visual of a pimp and dope dealer who’s taking you around the city giving you the plugs for compensation, for sure a radio song able to break in the market. Next on the track list comes “Broke Boi (Remix)” which serves as a homage song as Dupree uses a common rap cadence for a fun loving turn-up track. I really didn’t know what to expect with “Legend” but when the song begins to unfold, not only did individual stories break down within the song but there was confidence within the schemes. “4 The Cause” was one of my favorite songs on the album based on the content and believable stories that happen in-cause of the trap lifestyle. Introspection is the key to spilling your soul and Rose Dupree proves that with this record.

“Rubbin off the paint (remix)” is dope from jump reminds me of a Big Sean song, I admire the way Dupree’s storytelling ability captures the listener’s mind, someone who is a fan of Big Krit will definitely appreciate a Rose Dupree album. “20-20 Hindsight” is my absolute favorite song on the album, it begins by bridging the hook as an introduction explaining that the road to wisdom is not going to be easy and in the end, faith will pull you through. You can feel the pain expressed in every lyric, that’s real conviction showing within the introspective bars.

The album comes to it’s conclusion and goes out with a bang, Dupree surely saved his best for last. These last 2 tracks put the cherry on top and solidifies the tape’s sonic sound. Follow the Texas artist and stay updated with Rose Dupree.

Rating: 7/10

Highlights: Sonic Balance

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