Sammy Smash – “Shake Wit Smash” Single Review (Video)

Harlem artist Sammy Smash drops a new single titled “Shake Wit Smash“.. To be completely honest the dancers were awkward and made the video seem like a parody, but the song was halfway decent and gave me an early 2000s vibe. Based off of the video it did not create a repeat factor. Obviously, Sammy Smash is a well-endowed businessman and is able to place his music in multiple films & tv shows but this music & video combination this time was not pleasing to my ears & eyes in totality.

New York is home to a diverse music scene and I can hear rap influences from his hometown heroes, like Fab. Shake Wit Smash can work in comedy movies or may be received a lot better to a certain audience but I was not intrigued. Follow Sammy Smash on IG, Twitter for news music and updates.

Rating: 4/10

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