Mic Murderers – “Panoramic” (Album Review)

San Antonio’s Mic Murderers has built a reputation of an eater of emcees. Backed with an arsenal of lethal venom in creative rhymes ready at a moments notice. Mic Murderers shows fans they’re is more than just a trio of rhyme slayers but an actual hit making recording group.

With Texas majority known for its signature slowed down catchy hook sing-a-longs, not really known for its multi-layered lyricism. With “Panoramic”, Mic Murderers expects to be the variable in the Lone Star State. Mic Murderers is going to have to be magicians to impress the variety of audiences and remain comfortable with his custom presentation. And does so on the album.

Reassuring that Hardcore Hip-Hop isn’t just an East Coast swing. Lyrically, nobody gets out alive on this project. On tracks like “Wake Up”, “Nothin to Me”, and “Distress”, Mic unleashes a series of raunchy, crafty, bold verses to identify himself as separate from others simple and plain.

Listen to ‘Panoramic’ below, courtesy of SoundCloud.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlights: Lyricism

Providing a convincing evidence that Texas is more than just Chopped and Screwed. On the album, Mic lives up to persona with tricked-out wordplay, underground railroad metaphors, and unique mind-stealing slick substance. All while remaining true to his core fanbase that have fueled his rise to the notoriety presently accomplished. Surprisingly refreshing, “Panoramic” is a great jump on project for fans looking to enjoy some brand new conscious Hip-Hop mingled between their Coles and Badasses.

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