Rappers Who Love The Casino Table

Rappers Who Love The Casino Table

Gambling is a past time that many of us enjoy, and rappers are no different. You often see in their music videos how they live the luxury life style with huge mansions, garages full of expensive cars and wardrobes packed with designer clothing. They’re often associated with having a lot of money and what these rich folk with a lot of money want? More money. As you’d expect there are plenty of rappers out there who love the casino and everything that goes with it. Play at online casinos like your favorite rappers in the game and be sure to check out this Lincoln casino review. Its one of the best casinos out there if you are playing online.

Jay Z

Jay Z, real name Shawn Carter, is one of the most famous rappers of all time. While he’s still huge in the music industry he has become a global icon, especially after marrying Beyonce. In that time, he has amassed a personal fortune exceeding $600 million and the Def Jam Records founder has a lot of cash to play with at the casino. He’s well known for spending some of his disposable income at casinos in Vegas and London, at high stakes tables of course. It’s said he once lost $500,000 in a single hand of a poker game in Las Vegas. Ouch.

50 Cent

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is a rapper who loves money and loves to gamble at online casinos. He’s well known for living the high life and associating with the likes of Floyd Mayweather Junior and the rest of “The Money Team” who are all high stakes gamblers. He also spoke about gambling in 2007 track “What You Got.” Fiddy is a real high roller and it’s said that blackjack is his game of choice. Blackjack is one of the few card games where there is an element of skill involved and players love the thrill of competing against the cards, the dealer as well as others around the table.


Nelly is one of the biggest and oldest names is the rap game. He made his breakthrough back in 2000 with debut album Country Grammar which took the music world by storm. Since then he has had hit after hit and become a global icon. One thing everyone will notice about Nelly is his card tattoo on his shoulder. This pays homage to his love of casino game poker. Nelly is a prolific gambler who has played the World Series of Poker Main Event as well as appearing on the PokerStars European Tour.


Another big gambler in the rapping universe is none other than Birdman. He’s well known for being an astute businessman as he is the co-founder of Cash Money Records. He’s also heavily invested in a clothing line as well as an oil and gas company. However, Birdman enjoys spending some of his disposable income on sports betting and at the casino. Who can blame him though when he has such a great amount of money behind him.

P Diddy

P Diddy, real name Sean Combes, is a legend in the rapping and hip-hop business. When it comes to living the highlife and basking in luxury Diddy is your man. He fast became known as the king of bling and it’s no surprise that he has a penchant for gambling and casinos too. When Diddy is in Vegas you can be sure to find him at the high stakes tables playing his favourite game of blackjack.

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