ALM – “Beauty for Freedom” EP (Review)

Fast-rising indie French sound engineer, producer ALM is ready to take his act to the marquee. Releasing his impacting new EP, properly-titled, ‘Beauty for Freedom’. Under ALM’s production, the French sensation enlists five fellow rising talented international singers to lay incredible content over the foundation. The blend in sounds and lyricism, built to deliver a long lasting success for ALM as he begins his career on center stage.

Listen to ‘Beauty for Freedom’ below, courtesy of Spotify.

‘Beauty for Freedom’ is a carefully skilled production that is well-balanced with smooth wordplay by it’s guest appearances. The complete body of work is fine tuned and well selected by ALM and caters to the newfound fans whom are amused by the new taste of music by the French. While confusing on various parts of the project, it’s easy to recognize as not misleading but misunderstood. “Beauty for Freedom” is an artistic masterpiece that illustrates an amazing fraction of what we can expect from ALM in a future full-length collection.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlights: Production

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