Merlin Babaji – “Dreams” Ft. Mick Jenkins (Single Review)

New Mexico’s own Merlin Babaji is a thriving recording artist with a unique popular Emo Hip-Hop sound and a fast growing fanbase. Eager to break onto a nationwide scale, Merlin invest his popularity with a huge boost in a mainstream recording artist to support the release his new single, “Dreams”. As overwatch of the track, Chicago superstar Mick Jenkins supplies his star power to the track to bring the “Dream” to life.

Listen to “Dreams” by Merlin Babaji and Mick Jenkins below, courtesy of Soundcloud.

The production on the single has an vintage black and white cartoon background element with whistles and bells. Clever, distinct, and eerie, provides intriguing to the track and depicts a traditional feel that listeners can appreciate. Meanwhile overlayed with a layer of deep tone that resemble shrieks, fitting to Merlin’s eerie wordplay and Mick Jenkins heavy-hitting street cred.

Merlin Babaji is a wizard on the track as he spellbound listeners with his hypnotizing verse. It’s chanting dark, horrifying metaphors, and harmonizing. Mick plays his position as a crowd pleaser with a signature verse. In his own lane, Jenkins adds to the incantations with a modern gang affiliated guest spot that while isn’t relatable to Merlin’s trade off but still a standalone catchy addition.

Artists like Merlin Babaji and Mick Jenkins show the vast depths of Hip-Hop and how its exciting no matter how weird it gets. The weirder it gets the more unique it becomes, the more unique it becomes, the more irresistible is becomes, and “Dreams” is definitely that. While the tone, elements, and concept is all Merlin’s spell, Jenkins star power only evolves the track into some unforgettable. Surely Merlin Babaji’s biggest song to-date and most impactful yet. Reality is about to set in for Merlin as he is about to be a big star on the underground scene and a hot prospect on the majors radar.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlights: Feature

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