Vaping As A Part Of Hip-Hop Culture

Vaping as a Part of Hip-Hop Culture

Music usually reflects current trends, ideas, and society. It is also a powerful technique for inducing new
fashion, hobbies, and lifestyles. Hip-hop is one of the most popular genres today. And rappers not only
attempt to satisfy fresh demand, they also help to create it.

The vaporizer market barely existed a decade ago. Now, it is estimated to be worth billions. How did it get this way? And what has hip-hop to do with it?

The Phenomenon of Vaping

You have seen someone operating some kind of vaporizer or have already tried a Vapingdaily vape mod and
have your own attitude. However, you may not realize how wide the choice is.

In the beginning, people bought electronic smoking devices to replace their tobacco consumption with a healthier option. The modern devices are much more advanced and stylish. They are portable and have a long battery life.

When it comes to the flavor, everyone can find their match. E-liquids that taste like your favorite fruit, drink, or even food are obviously more pleasant than tobacco. Vaporizers that are developed specifically for smoking dry herbs are also becoming popular among weed lovers.

The possibility to create big plumes of vapor is appealing to many people, especially the youth. Young vapers all over the world compete in cloud-chasing trying to amaze the judges and audience with their tricks.

Hip-Hop and Vaping

It’s hard to say exactly when vaping became common for the hip-hop community. But it is already deeply

The impressive list of high-profile artists has vape pens featured in their music videos: DJ Khaled, Chris
Brown, 50 Cent, Tyga, Bryson Tiller, 21 Savage, Fat Joe, French Montana, Nas, Kanye West, Young Thug,
Jadakiss, K-Camp, Fetty Wap and Kid Ink. The vape products are shown as fancy and exclusive accessories.
Usually, the rappers are surrounded by luxury cars, sexy women, and a healthy amount of vape gear.

No doubt, it’s a product placement. And manufacturers know that it can reckon people buy something
better than traditional advertisements. Fans are prone to copy their idols. And since getting the same vape
box mod is a pretty fast and affordable way to do that, there’s no surprise that many hip-hop fans are

The Collaborations of Hip-Hop and the Vaping Industry

A number of rappers have side gigs outside the recording studio. They invest in new startups.
The vaping industry is perhaps the fastest-growing one in the world. So, when famous artists get an offer to
give their name to some vape product, they don’t hesitate. Some collaborations are quite successful.

Snoop Dogg

As a celeb synonymous with weed culture, it didn’t come as a shock that Snoop Dogg launched a signature
accessory for his fans hunting for an alternative smoking method. His partnership with G-Pen is remarkable.
The collection consists of various electronic vape pens and accessories.

The rap legend is one of the vaping industry’s biggest endorsers. In 2013, he even gave Conan O’Brien his herb vaporizer at the late night show.

A$AP Rocky

He may rap about his F**kin’ Problems, but he shares Jay-Z’s philosophy. 99 problems and a vape pen ain’t
one. The rapper and style icon teamed up with KandyPens to develop a limited edition line of “Flacko
Jodye”. The design is associated with the classic Rolls-Royce era. The unique wood finish and gold trim are
just perfect.

Rick Ross

Claiming to have been a fan of the product before becoming an ambassador of mCig in 2014, Ross prefers
herb e-cigs. He released a gold e-cig called the BO$$.


Wiz Khalifa

We couldn’t but mention the rapper’s collaboration with Grenco Science. They chose an extraordinary way
to introduce a new dry herb and concentrate vaporizer. They launched it into space!

The list won’t be full without DJ Khaled who loves vaping and advertises Kandy Pens in his music videos. The rumors are the Game is also starting his own line of vape pens.

Hip-hop artists not only give their names to different vape mods. A few artists launched unique e-liquids:

Soulja Boy

The teen rap sensation followed the urban hookah trend and collaborated with Phantom Smoke E-Hookah
to produce a signature red apple flavor.


The rapper, producer, and entrepreneur launched his $tunna e-juice line. It is infusing the hip-hop lifestyle
with the hoodie’s hottest accessory – the vaporizer.

Professor Green

The British rapper is such a devoted vaper that he is taking over a stand at the 2018 UK Vaper Expo. He
offers his fans the Unruly E-liquid line.

Do Hip-Hop Artists Really Vape?

In 2015 Drake posted an interesting picture on his Instagram. There was something that distantly resembled
a box mod vape in it. The photo received thousands of likes, and the rappers’ followers couldn’t stop
discussing whether or not Drake had gotten into the vaping game.

In 2017, the rapper was so impressed with the videos of a 21-year-old Austin Lawrence doing vape tricks on
Instagram that he posted one on his own Instagram account. “Should I just fly you out?” he asked. Austin
visited Drake’s estate to give him a personal vaping lesson. Soon after, the boy claimed the title of the Vape

Rappers switch to vaping for the same reason as other struggling smokers. They want to kick their smoking

Zumbi of Zion I was candid with DOPE Magazine about his marijuana use. It has changed significantly since
he became the father of thee. “With each additional child, my consumption has become less and less.”

Zumbi said that his lungs feel better and he can work out more actively and longer. Now he doesn’t smoke
and uses his vaporizer on rare occasions. “I still dabble with edibles and oils when I can carve out some time
to enjoy the vibes.”

Bottom line

Vaping industry is on the rise. And hip-hop contributed to the popularization of vape products. The artists
start vaping and are vocal about their new hobbies. Many have become the brands’ ambassadors. The most
successful rappers collaborated with the respectable vape manufacturers to develop their own devices and
e-liquids. Hip‐hop music and culture is associated with vaping and increases the demand for a new trendy
way of smoking.

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