Brody Merlot – “CinciCali” (Album Review)

Every Summer, Hip-Hop’s newest generation of promising artists use the season as a proving ground to certify themselves among fans. This year, among the pack is fast-rising Los Angeles recording artist Brody Merlot. Making a name for himself in the underground with recent single, “Next Level”. Brody Merlot makes a first impression with the release of his debut album, entitled, ‘CinciCali’.

Produced entirely by Epik the Dawn, ‘CinciCali’ is a nine-track body of work arranged to showcase the complete arsenal of Brody Merlot. A trial by fire, smart move for building the foundation of his sound on Epik the Dawn’s production. Most first-timers use a variety of producers on their first effort to have their potential fans direct the future of the sound. For the debut, Epik and Brody have a lot to prove individually and collectively.

Listen to “CinciCali” by Brody Merlot below, courtesy of Spotify.

Seamless tight built, Epik develops a well-deserved body of instrumental for the rising star. Everything is flawless on the production from flow, depth, effects, and timing. Treasure map instruction for Brody to follow lyrically that can lead to something golden if followed precisely. Epik the Dawn exhibits breakthrough talent on majority of the project’s boards.

While the production shines, Brody Merlot’s lyricism is impressive but inconsistent due to the lack of maturity overall. Brody seems to stick to a single subject matter throughout the project; while entertaining at first, fails to create a lasting effect. Selective singles at best, the complete project exposes Brody’s inability to diverse his sustains.

While Brody is great with the beats selection, his lyrical abilities have not yet reached the expected potential to match. Flashy, stylish, and catchy, but Brody Merlot is cloudy with his rhymes being often lackadaisical throughout the album. Enable to maintain the project’s momentum, ‘CiniCali’ quickly deteriorates as Brody Merlot becomes repetitive, forced, awfully predictable. The value of ‘CiniCali’ is short-lived and that will be the rising star’s downfall for maintaining buzz.

Ratings: 7/10

Highlights: Production

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