Kyle Bent Presents: RapRisers “Say Something” $1000 Rap Challenge

RapRisers Challenge


The #RapRisersChallenge is a monthly collaborative contest intended to give the hottest rising Hip-Hop producers and artists exposure.

How It Works

Producers & Artist submit beats and contest entries throughout the month. The first of every month we select winners from the previous month and release the four beats for the new month.

For the “Say Something” #RapRisersChallenge, artist will be allowed to choose one beat from a curated selection of four.

On one of the four beats selected, artist will create a song incorporating something

“real” and unique to them. The topics can be, but not limited to:

  •  Pay homage to a dead and gone legend

  •  Address how you feel about the state of the world/Hip Hop

  •  Address a vulnerable part of yourself

  •  Bring awareness to a significant matter going on in the world currently

Artists win prizes and exposure to help further promote their careers.

Contest Entry/Rules

1. Purchase one of the four beats below or the entire album to increase you exposure and chances of winning prizes.

2. Create a one-minute song/clip & record a video of you performing . You are allowed one submission per beat.

3. Upload it to Instagram tagging: @raprisers @iamkylebent @ughhblog (and either @sarubeatz or @prodbykylece depending on which beat is being used) with the hashtag #RapRisersChallenge.

In order to qualify for final round picks, video must follow the submission guidelines above and have at least 300 likes and 30 comments. The more likes and engagement on your post increases your chances of winning a prize. Don’t hesitate, enter immediately, and gain a head start. We will be posting the best #RapRiserChallenge to @RapRisers & @UGHHBlog Instagram throughout the month, but be sure to check the #RapRisersChallenge Hashtag for more contestants!

Contest Prizes

1st Place Prize


  • Bent Bible: Creatives Guide” PDF & audio book package by @iamkylebent

  • Music/video & album post from @ughh & @raprisers

  • RapRisers Guide – Steps To Becoming A Professional HipHop Artist

  • UGHH Project review + UGHHblog Mic Session

  • Career advice consultation

2nd Place Prize


  • “Bent Bible: Creatives Guide” PDF & audio book package by @iamkylebent

  • Music/video & album post from @UGHH & @RapRisers

  • Career Consultation

3rd Place Prize

  • “Bent Bible: Creatives Guide” PDF & audio book package by @iamkylebent

  • Music Post from @ughhblog & @raprisers

10 Honorable Mentions

  • Story shoutout from each host

  • “Bent Bible: Creatives Guide” PDF & audio book package by @iamkylebent


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