Bullhead*ded – “Boiled Bones” EP (Review)

Hip-Hop vets are in a unique era of Hip-Hop right now. As the culture is the most influential right now and gives veterans the opportunity to prolong their career with new music based on the past success. Veterans like Colorado’s Bullhead*ded are in a grey area where fanbases request more music but new age Hip-Hop is unknown to their preluded accolades and intrigued to listen. Not ready to call it quits, Bullhead*ded deliver their latest project in EP, ‘Boiled Bones’.

A first of a three-part project, ‘Boiled Bones’ is a seven-track collective filled with familiar interesting subject matter, raspy vocals, and dark lyricism. The established group revives an elder style of Hip-Hop that is cherished and idolized. Different from the rest, Bullhead*ded gives a history lesson of what taught them how to rhyme on the new effort.

Hear ‘Boiled Bones’ below, courtesy of Spotify.

Traditional production of golden era Hip-Hop boom bap. Sticking to a consistent feng shui of classics, the group owns the boards and keeps the vintage refreshed. The quality is superb, all seven tracks kept it original and educate the new school on the past. Memorable, memorial, and remembered, the beat bridges the gap as the group walks over and introduces themselves to the 808 era.

Lyrically, the group shows natural chemistry. No one overlaps the others sound while each craft a distinct sound. United and unified, Bullhead*ded excels thanks to experience and cooperation among themselves. Established by their previous notoriety, while the lyricism on this project is standard at best. It is well-balanced and satisfactory with the group’s mixture of raspy vocals and speedy delivery.

Overall, ‘Boiled Bones’ is conceptually creative. Awkward and bizarre from time to time, the project is easily understood and digested. Bullhead*ded weaves in an accustom sound that is twistedly personal and peculiarly interesting. Seasoned, the group exhibits comfort and necessity inside the body of work. A hard effort of mediocre, Bullhead*ded stick to what worked, a trait that many elder acts practice to keep fans attention for the time being. Effective but easily forgotten.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlights: Chemistry

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