Chris Grey – The Beginning (EP)

Chris Grey, pushes sonic boundaries of spectral R&B with The Beginning EP. 

Drawing from pop, trap, soul, electronic, and rock influences, Toronto’s Chris Grey demonstrates his musicality on his debut EP, properly-titled, The Beginning.

The 4-track project features the sensual “When I’m Gone,” an invitation to spend the night together without the complications of love or a relationship over explosive synths, while “Unusual” conveys the complexities of unexpected emotional attachment, amongst dark undertones. “Give” and “Goodbye” continue the story to its inevitable conclusion. With a trademark sound established, Chis Grey takes listeners on a resounding and vulnerable journey difficult to stop listening to.

The lavish guitar solos add an additional layer to his emotional and vulnerable, contemporary R&B work. It’s only the beginning for this talented young artist.

Follow Chris Grey on Twitter: @Chris_GreyMusic

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