JOSEPHNSPARROWB – “X” (Album Review)

Releasing two previous projects this year, Doom Hip-Hop’s JOSEPHNSPARROWB makes a surprising new entry for 2018 with a conceptual effort simply known as, X. Known for his custom sound compiled of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, Doom Rap, and Metal. JOSEPHNSPAAROWB astonish with a new era sound set to bring a new sub-genre to the limelight. 

X, a story about a man whose done horrible things in his life and has died without closure. Stuck in a limbo, between life and death, as a ghost, introspecting on his wrong-doing. Intriguing story, JOSEPHNSPARROWB pitches a body of work that will set him apart from majority of the new artists looking to breakout in 2019.

Stream JOSEPHNSPARROWB’s new album, X, below, courtesy of Soundcloud.

Inviting; however, the production on X is fringe often among the 11-track effort. With the production establishing the tone, it is frightful but fails to be terrifying enough to solidify a groundbreaking foundation to transform the project into a must-hear. Due to the project’s organization, X can’t find a smooth path and often jumps around, causing an unignored distraction. 

As the production decay by the end of the project, the story’s lyricism sticks to the script and tells a great scary story. Using realism to emphasize an original horror, JOSEPHNSPARROWB’s story-telling will be known as the rising star’s most valuable technique. “Teen Suicide” is the rising star’s most confident track on the project and an exceptional finale.

Dark, suspenseful, and convincing. X is an acquired taste that will grow on new listeners through time. The project established value through its unique story-telling and keen execution. The project’s tone establish dominance. While unfamiliar territory, exploring the new project will be fulfilling for all whom embark.

Rating: 8/10

Highlights:  Concept

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