The Late ’80s – “The Hell Below: Part 1” (EP Review)

Kanye and Nas, Pusha, Premier, 2018 was the year of the return of the solo artist/producer projects. Although under the radar, one of the premier projects that became buzzworthy is from new collaborative of rapper/producer duo Alain The Don x Bred Wondah, known as The Late ’80s. The two come together for a breakout collective, creatively-titled, The Hell Below: Part 1.

Created with a brilliant pair of chemists, the new six-track project is filled with a variety of infused new music by the new dynamic duo. Embedding an iconic era of Hip-Hop, the duo takes a trip back in time to find a custom present-day sound that today’s fans will digest and enjoy. While pleasing a past that will create a bridge between the two potential consumers and certifying The Late ’80s as the next best new group.

The Hell Below: Part 1 is a 6-track effort

Stream The Late ’80s new project, The Hell Below: Part 1 below, courtesy of Spotify.

Bred Wondah production is applauding as it pays homage to Hip-Hop’s most pinnacle era. Timeless, the sound recaptures an era that will take you back and relive the passion, relive the genuine love, and reminiscence on the early days of discovering Hip-Hop for the first time. Smooth, elements of jazz, funk, street, and more, familiar, the project is perfect for the lyricist lounge. A short ride, Bred’s production guides us and reignites a desire that has been missing in music since the transition of 1990.

Lyrical correlation, The Late ’80s infusion of golden age wordplay with today’s trending vocabulary blends perfectly. Inspired by the 80s, the duo cleverly manages to not mimic the style, coming off like duplicates but using the inspiration to tailor their own brand of Hip-Hop. A concept project, Alain The Don holds up his end of the bargain with sharp and undeniable putting words together. Leading the project to greatness at a steady pace and confidence.

Fundamentally solid, The Late ’80s speak volumes on the latest body of work. The Hell Below: Part 1 is an amazing start to an ongoing series that will slowly transform the rising stars into superstars if continued to deliver familiar collectives. What makes The Hell Below: Part 1 memorable is simply due to the fact that it does something that the majority of today’s music fails to do; get a reaction.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlight(s): Production

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