Absolute Doubt – “Pack” (Single Review)

John Francis, known by artist name Absolute Doubt, is an up-and-coming rapper with a talent for freestyling. His latest single, “Pack,” is a unique collaboration with producer Cat Soup. He’s worked with a number of artists and producers on his EP, When Nightmares Become Dreams, including Lucki, Jay Storm, and Downtime.

“Pack” is a heavy trap influenced record with filled with all the genre’s signature bells and whistles. Its the first release of a promising new project currently under development. Towards the end of this year, he looks forward to releasing a brand-new mixtape.

Stream “Pack” by Absolute Doubt now, courtesy of Soundcloud.

On “Pack”, we discovered that Absolute is a real student of the trap game with familiar wordplay. Nothing crafty but its catchy dude to the simplicity and trendy references. Indulging in all the textbook emotions of a trapper, Absolute exhibits ego, swagger, boasting and bragging and southern lingo. Checking everything off the check list, he undoubtedly drops a must-hear track if your a trap enthusiast.

In the end, the song’s concept is nothing unheard of and while good, it doesn’t stick out as a breakaway hit. It has a bounce but the song only has a short life span in the artist’s career pivotal moment. Momentarily, “Pack” is a great attention-grabber for the new artist with his slick talk, motivating paper chase and cliche keywords.

Rating: 7/10

Highlights: Production

Follow Absolute Doubt on Twitter: @cobra1xtz

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