Mixtape Review: Hugo – “Domain Hugo”

Hugo recently released his highly anticipated Mixtape titled “Domain Hugo” that has created a full wave of interest in the Hip Hop community.  16 solid tracks that express Hugo’s complete life from beginning to date.  He spits dope lyrics over great beats allowing all listeners to completely absorb his music.  His passion and Hip Hop experience clearly is displayed on this project.  Mixtapes nowadays are super over-rated but for Hugo he has a project that will over shadow any new Mixtape out for 2015.  From the first track “Hello World” to the last song “Downfall“, he tears it up with memorable songs that can be appreciated in the Indie Hip Hop scene.

This Mixtape sets his path to stardom and we hope he continues to ride the wave he has already created and continues to GRIND 24-7.  My favorite song out of the 16 is “No More“….This is a track I can really relate too!!!!!


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