Noble – “Lyrical Love” (Album Review)

Kansas City recording artist Noble has always been a type of act who prided himself and his music on integrity. The multi-talented sensation found popularity with his well-blended combination of passionate lyricism and catchy production. Eager to transcend to a nationwide new artist, Noble unveils his latest effort in the new project, properly-titled, Lyrical Love’.

Executive produced by Jo Blaq, Lyrical Love is a smooth, suave, well-suited piece of work that showcases a new Hip Hop heartthrob in Noble. Coming out of region not known for it’s female-friendly Hip Hop, Noble shines some light on a birthplace that offers so much more than meets the eye in his latest body of work.

Stream Lyrical Love by Noble now, courtesy of Spotify.

The album’s production tends to follow a signature pattern that tailors to Noble impressive lyrical range. Coursing through the body of work as organic as a heartbeat, Lyrical Love is pleasant to enjoy simply with the instrumentals alone. A rollercoaster ride inspired by Noble’s attractive story-telling, its safe to say that producers executed great depth to embody Noble’s buzzworthy appeal.

Lyrically, Noble is a thrill-seeking wordsmith. Throughout the course of the project, Noble earns undivided attention with stellar keywords, passionate point-of-view, and flirtatious approach that gears towards female fanbase. Modern day Casanova, Noble paints a canvas that will make Michelangelo jealous. It’s Noble’s ability to connect with fans through relative relationship issues, his convincing relationship suggestions hooks you in immediately for a first-look listen.

Lyrical Love is a noteworthy mention from beginning to end. Although raspy quality, the concept of the project as a whole is well worth the listen but is often found disruptive due to is novice mixing and clarity. Scratchy sound cause impaired judgement not at all based on the album’s content. However, from a concept standpoint, the complete body of work is filled with high points of lyrical greatness. Noble is an exceptional recording artist, once is he is surround by quality mechanics, the rising star will be fully prepared to make a formal presentation to the mainstream masses.

Ratings: 7/10

Highlights: Production

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