Saba – “Care For Me” (Album Review)

Tahj Malik Chandler who is popularly known as Saba (SABA) released his First work which was “Bucket List Project” in 2016 was awfully hit in that time.. After 2 years back, he comes with his second album “Care For Me” which was released on 18th April 2018. The tracks of this album had a bucket of musical instruments to make it feel better to the audiences. In the middle of these two album, SABA also released some single works i.e. “BUSY”, “LIFE”. This artistic work “CARE FOR ME” yet gets so much critical acclaim form the critics.

Total length of the Album is 41.35 mints and it contains 10 songs which are mainly of the HIP HOP Genre and Jazz Rap. One song of this album is vocalized by JOHN WALT. The album features other vocalists like THE MIND, KAINA, CHANCE THE Rapper . Let’s have a look at the work.

Based on first five reviews CARE FOR ME receives 93 out of 100 at Metacritic. According to the words of Justin Ivey,  “Care for Me, Saba accomplished his objective by making an album that can endure for years to come. His higher aspirations won’t afford him the visibility of the rappers acting out for attention, but projects like Care for Me should put him into the discussions of his generation’s best hip hop artists”. Renowned Music Critic Wren Graves of Consequence of Sound wrote “At 10 breezy tracks, Care for Me isn’t just a collection of songs; it’s an honest-to-god album that develops ideas at its own pace.”

And now have a short description of the album. The initial track of the album “Busy” he describes about the real world with his view. We all are busy with our own activities that we have no time to look at others. The other tracks “Broken Girls”  “Life” “Logout” “Smile” “Calligraphy” etc . also related with real life.

Prom / THE KING is the most Highlighted track of this album. This tract deals with the Drug addicted as Saba says that once we all live with a normal life we didn’t need any drugs for sleeping since we had “Insomnia”. His cousin makes a chance to date with girls as he never was so close with his cousin and had doubt to trust him. The rest of the track is based on the following incidents as the listeners will figure it out while listening, life coach from DoULike blog highly recommends to listen to this album try it out.

In the track “BROKEN GIRLS” SABA fall in love with a broken girl. As Saba loves to listen to the stories, he thought the girl will tell him her stories. But that girl was not of his type and gradually using him. Saba understands that but that was cool.. They used each other. They had long conversations and still know they are not like shit..

I’ve been waiting for a long time to see such a realistic work from SABA and think that my waiting is come to the end as this work is so mind blowing. And also this album will be the greatest work of Saba. His rap is related to the reality even can take the readers to think with Saba’s view. And this is the year’s greatest presentation..

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