DJ Kammarad (DENMARK) – "Visceral" (Beat Mixtape) ///

[bandcamp album=1690652457 bgcol=000000 linkcol=ffffff size=venti]


Kammarad is a DJ and a sample artist who currently resides in Copenhagen, Denmark. For years he has been rocking the turntables at numerous break battles and hip hop events. Now he has released his first project, a mixtape consisting of 16 tracks that blend together in a continuous collage of sounds. Sampling more than 120 songs in a little under one hour, Visceral, as the project is called, will take you on a journey through the genres of hip hop, trip hop, soul, reggae and many more.

This release VISCERAL is put together ampling more than 120 songs of different genres.  “Hip Hop Creativity At Work” – UGHHBLOG

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