“The Adam Yauch Note”, 4 Year Anniversary of Adam “MCA” Yauch’s Passing

4 years ago Adam “MCA” Yauch of the Beastie Boys passed away after his 3 year battle with cancer, he would pass away at age 47.  One-third of the Beastie Boys, MCA was cooler than a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce.  He was a self-taught bass guitarist, a Buddhist monk, the founder of in my opinion the greatest white act in Hip-Hop, the Beastie Boys and founded his own independent film company, Oscilloscope Pictures.  He also had a hand in human rights movements, he was a strong supporter of the LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) rights and feminist movement.  So as they say there is no sleep in Brooklyn, MCA is never restless since his impact lives in Hip-Hop, forever.  Salute to MCA and the Beastie Boys for their impacts in Rap and Hip-Hop, may MCA Rest In Peace.  Here’s a clip of the Beastie Boys acceptance speech from their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in 2012, MCA couldn’t attend due to his illness.

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