The Wilde – “Coverups EP ” (Album Review)

The HIP-HOP country punk sound blew me away. Perfect intro set the tempo for a melodic album with mixed genres. The multi-talented artist produced and wrote the entire compilation, astounding even in today’s do it yourself generation. The song “Grown Up” is a homage track to Danny Brown. I can tell that song has a big influence on Wilde Music, He re-rapped Danny Browns lyrics with a brand new smooth hook.

“Girlie Magazines” the single off the album takes us back to high school years, the atmosphere says prom dance, Homecoming & graduation. The single is magic, I love the melodies and the concept it brings. It creates visuals for you to process in your psyche. It even has an evolving message, explaining that no magazine model can amount to the epic connection of the lovers. “Coverups” is for music lovers period. Wilde Music maintains a high vibrational sound throughout the album that helps subconsciously soothe the mind. “Coverups” can easily be a sound track for upcoming movies & tv shows, it has that all American feel made for motion pictures.

The concept of the album is “Coverups” which is usually what people do when they don’t address their own internal questions 8.0.  The delivery of this album was great I loved the way Wilde was able to express his emotions, very believable to the listening audience 8.5. The rhyme schemes for this album are very original, it doesn’t remind me of any existing artist, which is great for Wilde Music as he is creating a lane all for himself. Follow Wilde Music on Twitter @lukedewilde and face book MellowHop



Rhyme Schemes:8.5

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