Lumont Deshield – “The Good Samaritans” (Album Review)

Upcoming artist Lumont Deshield drops his new album entitled “The Good Samaritans”. The Christian rapper is looking to bridge the gap between Christian Rap & Trap music with his innovative project consisting of thought provoking lyrics. The album begins with “Thorns in My Flesh” produced by Superstar, a testimony to Yeshua. Lumont puts the listener into his shoes and explains that he is also human and is trying to reach his divine purpose, despite the fact that the thorns of the world hold him down at times.

Lumont continues “The Good Samaritans” with “Pain” an emotional track where he expresses his feelings, touching on the innermost struggles he faces. The hook has a raw raspy melodic tempo. The album highlights the good in the world that can reflect inside of you. His concepts are breaking barriers with Gospel Trap as he challenges the saying “nice guys finish last” by displaying that the last becomes the first as the meek shall inherit the Earth.

“No strings” comes in with a profound concept of why people don’t follow their dreams. They mostly feel fear of failure which is like being a puppet on a string. “Heaven” featuring Icon aims at the soul searcher, always looking for new ways to evolve and progress. “Praying for My Enemies” truly gives off the Gospel Trap feel as it extracts a vulgar concept and flips the meaning into a positive conceptual message.

“Long Way” explains how taking the long way develops wisdom and experience, it’s not always the easiest but by far the most rewarding . This song describes the path Lumont took to finding his road to purity. ” In the Moment” classic track produced by Icon expels positive vibrations from the minute it starts playing. It caters to the female crowd by speaking for apologetic men.

The 2nd half of this album starts to heat up as it spins with “Double Down” a great record with universal vibes. I can feel the emotion inside each lyric as he says them, definitely the most versatile song on the album. “Hands Up” keeps the momentum going, touching on killings by police officers. A much needed track that raises awareness on this topic to those in society who choose to be blind. “Don’t Shoot” is pt 2 of Hands Up, also produced by Icon. The record shows creativity and innovation as it has the same drum baseline as Hands Up but everything else is different, perfect outro. We look forward to new projects and visuals. Follow Lumont Deshield Via Facebook and stream his album below.


Rating: 7.5

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